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From mobiles to servers, apps to consoles – here’s everything hardware related.

Top Messaging Apps

  What’s your go-to messaging app? Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or something else? With data the king of smartphones, messaging apps provide an excellent alternative to expensive MMS, video messaging and even phone calls. With Wi-Fi everywhere and with the continued priceyness of roaming charges, they are a must have if you travel frequently or have […]

Don’t Overpay For Cables!

  Cables are a pain. We understand this pain as being a IT support company there’s no way we can really avoid them. They lay about everywhere, cost a bomb, and you can never find the one you are looking for. The multi-coloured aspect should theoretically help locating the right cable but instead it gives […]

The Technology Lovers Christmas Wish List

  It’s that time of the year. The period of eggnog, Christmas parties and wish lists of course. Whether those wish lists include the new iPhone, a fancy new alarm clock, the next best camera or just a funky gadget that will entertain you for the whole of boxing day- we have you covered. I […]

Which Cloud Storage Service Is Right For Me?

The way we store and transfer data has transformed enormously within our recent history, from floppy discs to USBs and now to the vast world of the cloud. In our always-online lives, we’ve become used to keeping everything that’s important to us on the ever-accessible cloud.  It seems inconvincible to us now that we used […]

Office 365 Is The Only Way To Buy Microsoft

Are you a SME (small-medium-sized enterprise) seeking Office 365? Are you unsure about which package would suit your business’ needs? Would you like a 10% discount on any Office 365 licence through Lucidica? Does your SME require a management service alongside your Office 365 license? Look no further. Here are the most popular packages for […]

An Innovative Step For Your Business Management…

  What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and will it help boost your business? The world’s leading IT company Microsoft launched their new product ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365’ an intelligent business application just last week and AccuWeather and TGI Friday’s are already implementing it to their business model. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform designed to […]

Best Tech for University Students

We know that preparing for university is hard enough without the pressure of choosing new technology which has to get you through the next three years. It’s a big and normally quite expensive investment which is made even harder by the question of what is essential. So we’ve provided you with a breakdown of what […]

10 Best iOS 10 Features

  Welcome to the new Apple update IOS 10. The brand new software update for iPads, iPhones and iPods. But what changes have Apple made and is it worth risking the supposed rumours of lower battery life, decreased storage and harder useability? Well at Lucidica we have researched what the 10 best features of the […]

Two decades on: The History of Windows 95

20 years ago Microsoft launched Windows 95. Its launch was met with more hype and expectation than any previous OS, but no one, not even Microsoft was to know how much of an impact it would have on our lives even two decades on. For the first time, Microsoft’s new OS brought a swish graphical […]

Windows 10: Should your business upgrade?

Windows 10 launches in just two days and we’ve been getting calls asking how businesses should proceed. As you probably know, Microsoft are offering upgrades for free to existing Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 users. And so with numerous reviews and information filling the world of Windows 10 we’ve decided to answer a simple yet […]