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The web is both a fascinating and scary place. Here we’ll write about the best of it.

A Brief Guide To Spam

Everyone and their grandmother suffers spam. If you’re smart you can minimise the amount of cheap Rolexes and little blue pills that you get offered on a daily basis, but it’s always a problem. In fact, nearly 80% of all the emails the average person receives are spam. So why, in an age where we […]

What to do if your website is hacked

  Nothing can seem more detrimental than having your website hacked. Hackers are usually motivated by financial means and there are two ways in which they may compromise your website: Spam Malware The first way means hackers will fill your website with spammy text and links to their website. Instead of putting the hard work in to […]

How to Remove Ransomware

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is defined as; “a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.” Basically, it is the horrific procedure of logging into your computer and being greeted with a red image which demands large sums of money in exchange for your […]

Cookies, In a Nutshell.

You’ve probably seen these pop up before. Most sites nowadays use cookies and unless you say otherwise, will take your continued browsing as consent to their use of cookies. I’m guilty of agreeing to every ‘terms and conditions’ just to avoid any delays or restrictions to purchasing an item. But what exactly am I setting […]

WhatsApp Your Security

Do you remember way back in 2014 when Facebook bought WhatsApp for £13.7 million and promised not to share our details? Yep, they decided against that. In the last few weeks, WhatsApp has changed their terms and privacy policy for the first time since the deal. By agreeing to the updated terms, your information will […]

The Rise Of Cybercrime

  According to new research by recruitment finance provider, Sonovate, IT security professionals are currently the most sought-after workers in the UK’s growing jobs market. The growth for such roles has reached 19 per cent – a new year-on-year high and is expected to reach 30 percent over the course of 2016. Richard Prime, co-CEO […]

Trademark Scams

Earlier this month we received three letters from an organisation called ‘Patent and Trademark Institute.’ The letters made every effort to appear to be trademark invoices. Each requested around £800 to prevent the ‘brand/patent record’ from being ‘deleted’. They were passed onto our CTO Thomas Jeff’s who noticed some red flags. First, that we’d never heard of […]

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Always wanted to read a website’s terms of service? Me neither. Latest research reveals just 7% of Britons read terms of service before clicking the phrase ‘I have read and agreed to the terms’ which would make it the biggest lie on the internet closely followed by ‘it’s complicated.’ You can be forgiven for thinking little of […]

Ads vs Crowdfunding

With over 2 billion people connected, the internet has the potential to provide everyone with audience. Whether it’s for content such as YouTube videos and blogs or the services which host them, more than ever digital projects have the possibility of being seen or used by millions of people. As the world is turning to […]

Who Writes Wikipedia?

Ask the world’s biggest encyclopedia who its author is and it will proudly inform you: you are. But do you edit? We don’t, at least not regularly.. so who actually edits Wikipeda? And whilst we’re on the subject, how does the internet’s one-stop shop for knowledge actually work? As it turns out, Wikipedia’s community is […]

Superfish Scandal: Tips to Remove Spyware

Lenovo’s brand is badly damaged after it was revealed that it had pre-installed software called Superfish on some of its computers. Although Superfish itself is not necessarily a problem, the third-party software it used replaced encryption codes on shopping websites with its own easily-hacked code making users vulnerable to spying and theft of their personal […]