Digital Marketing

Improve Your Online Visibility

With any business, it is always extremely important to make sure that the marketing strategies you employ are effective and efficient, allowing your company to thrive where it needs to. Our aim is to make sure your business achieves its goals in the best way possible – we aren’t just an IT support company!

Our marketing and SEO services include blogging, social media marketing, newsletters, email campaigns, paid advertising and much much more. Our aim is to drive your events and business activity sky-high. Let’s get stuck into the low-down:


Search engine optimisation is the enigma to every companies Sales team. How hard is it to get to number one on Google? How long should that take me to achieve? Oh and how exactly do i go about doing that? Well we will look at everything from your website content to your link building and presence online and recommend different ways you can alter your website to improve your businesses visibility. Contact us now for your free SEO audit and let us show you how to make your business higher on Google.


Blogging is a key part of your online presence allowing you to express your businesses interests and show the relevance of your products and services to your audience. Lucidica’s marketing team is dedicated to writing exceptional content for all types of businesses, helping your potential customers and clients gain confidence, and trust in you. If you feel like you don’t have the time to research and write your blog posts to a professional (google approved) standard, or simply don’t feel like writing is your forte, we are here to step in and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool for engaging with your followers, generating leads and writing about the stuff that is most important and relevant to your business. By being active around the clock, you can really push your companies name out there. Our scheduling systems allows us to make sure that you are actively posting on social media all day, every day. We cover all aspects of social media, so anything from Linkedin to Snapchat, Lucidica will guide you to a successful and professional online presence.

Email Marketing

Whether you’re trying to reach out to new prospects, or want to inform your current clientele with monthly newsletters; email campaigns are a fantastic way to make sure that your customers stay focused on what matters to you. We specialise in making sure that your marketing campaigns reach their destination without going to spam folders and that they get read by recipients, along with whipping up some pretty snappy newsletter designs.

Find Out More…

Want to know more about what our marketing team can do to benefit your business? Give us a call, tweet us, or fire us an email! Lucidica will be able to target exactly what your business needs in terms of goals and progression. We’ll structure a marketing plan around your current business to push your customer interaction through the roof.