Drive sales through social media

If you are not currently using social media as a marketing tool you should be! If you doubt the power of social media or you think you don’t have the resources to use social media in your marketing strategy you are mistaken. Social media is a fantastic tool for increasing the reach and engagement of marketing campaigns as these case studies will most certainly prove.

As part of London’s social media week (#SMWldn) I was lucky enough to attend an informative and eye-opening event about the integration of social media into marketing campaigns. The talk was about three very different campaigns aimed at increasing awareness for BMI, Skype, and Nissan in India. What made these varied campaigns so successful was their use of social media to engage with the public and attract widespread attention.

The BMI campaign (carried out by The Rabbit Agency and @dirktherabbit) created a lottery game on Pinterest where if you re-pinned a picture with a number and that number was selected you won a trip. The large incentive to share pictures and the campaign’s innovative nature attracted 3,000 entries. Furthermore BMI also created an edit challenge on Instagram whereby users create and edit images and share them with other users, the best one being selected each week. These campaigns were centred upon social media and by focussing on up and coming networks BMI took the lead in an unsaturated market.

The other two campaigns focussed on using Facebook to share videos. 1000 heads created a Skype video to be shared on friends birthdays; bands were recorded singing ‘Happy Birthday’, then customers could personalise the video and share it on their friends’ wall. These videos went viral and the campaign made 160 million impressions across various channels. Similarly, when Nissan wanted to stand out in the cluttered Indian car market they created a three minute movie that people auditioned for via Facebook.  They managed to accumulate 500,000 Facebook fans in only three months and increased awareness for the brand by ensuring the movie went viral. By using social media as tools to spread these campaigns to a larger audience they attracted huge attention.


All marketers know that it is vital to reach your target audience via the channels they use and social media provides the perfect opportunity to do this – dependent on your content you can target a specific audience. So find out which social media sites your customers hang out at and create a brand presence there. Take tips from these world class agencies and integrate social media into your marketing campaigns in order to see the best results.