Management of Google don’t seem to love Google+

For an idea as big as Google+ you’d expect that Google would work hard to get management buyin and lead from the front.

Unfortunately as the theunderstatement have charted, the bosses at Google seem have embraced + with nothing like the enthusiasm you’d expect.

Their Chairman doesn’t even have a profile and the two co-founders have managed just 22 updates between them.

Maybe they have taken up the same approach to Google+ as myself; ‘I’ll put up a profile in case it takes off’!

Given that when Google+ opened up the platform to everyone last month, the resulting rush of people to the fledging social network provided just 100th of the traffic of Facebook, they clearly have a long way to go.

For the moment any kind of strategy for marketing Lucidica within Google+ remains off the agenda, and given the lack-lustre approach the Google management team seem to have to the platform it looks unlikely to make it there in 2012.

Despite not having a Google+ account Lucidica can be found online where we provide IT support for SMEs in London.