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Small business trends, tools and topics learned from working with our brilliant SMEs.

Spread the Word and Refer…

We’ve got a brand new referral offer which will save you and your referral money. Here’s the juicy details:   If you have successfully referred a friend and your contract price has not changed, contact us here and we will sort it out as quick as possible.

Our Values & How We Got There

Here at Lucidica we want our clients to feel like family. We aim to provide tailored IT Support for businesses based in London but it doesn’t just revolve around that. We want to beat the automated telephone and provide personalised support to everyone and have the highest customer satisfaction.  As part of becoming part of […]

Free Alternatives to Expensive Software

Most professional software can set you back thousands but sometimes, free or cheaper alternatives can really get the job done just as well. So here are some inexpensive software replacements to help you create. Video Editing Expensive: Adobe Premiere Pro, AVS Video Editor, Final Cut Pro Cheap: Lightworks Basic (free) – Pro version (outright £249.99, monthly £14.99 or […]

Retargeting your way to Success

The big debate in the marketing world is the utilisation of cookies. Does the usage of cookies through retargeting ads improve your chances of making a visitor a customer? Many businesses are unsure about the use of retargeting as a form of online advertising as retargeting can be seen as a form of spam and […]

Small Business Broadband

Business broadband is such an important topic. It is literally the lifeline that most businesses run on consequently making reliable broadband a crucial choice. The act of choosing broadband is a process of weighing up the cost of a business package against the pros and cons associated with having a home or broadband package. If […]

Lucidica’s Secret to Internal Marketing

So many businesses focus on making customers and potential clients trust and like them enough to purchase a product or a service from them. But what about your actual employees? Don’t they need some marketing of their own to make them truly invested in the company and the company’s goals? Well, we think they do. […]

The 9 Best Things About Starting a Company

  Being an entrepreneur is the hardest job out there. You are in charge of every aspect of your business and all these responsibilities do not end when the clock hits 6pm. On top of that, the odds are stacked against you. Forbes claims that 90% of start-ups fail, especially those based on blind optimism. […]

Why We Are Better Than Apple

  We have beaten Apple, the biggest technology company in the world, on ONE area of business. This one area of business is our NPS. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. Businesses use this index as a way of measuring how likely their customers are to recommended products and services to others, using a scale […]

Hot Desking in Motion

Love it or hate it hot desking is becoming a common practice in many businesses. Top names such as Microsoft and Ernst and Young have adopted this notion in an attempt to create a more flexible and productive working environment. However, hot desking is not loved by everyone. Many argue its time consuming and also […]

Why Staff Profiles Are Beneficial For Your Business

  It’s a task that most employees dread – writing a personal profile to appear on your company’s website. People always resist or simply refuse the daunting task of summing up their entire personality in a few snappy sentences. However, staff profiles are beneficial to your website, there’s suddenly a face behind the name, and […]

Top 10 British Start-Ups of 2016

Start-ups. The ideal job for up to 70% of 25-34-year-olds who are lured in by the creativity, the constantly developing market and the dream of being able to make a difference. But what start-ups have found a truly great gap in the market and made it to the top of our 2016 start-up List? With […]

7 Tips For Small Businesses

  We all have been there, you have a great business idea, you build a website because let’s face it anyone these days with a laptop even an iPhone can custom build a website with a few clicks on an app or website. Your business is now up and running and you start getting some […]

Making Hot-Desking A Hit

We spend 40 hours a week at work and more often than not we spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our friends and loved ones. So at Lucidica we decided to make the most of it by turfing out some desks, hopping on the hot-desking bandwagon, going paperless and transforming 1/5 […]

Design Competition: Win a Macbook Air & Intous Pen!

  We’ve partnered with Icon Printing to launch a clothing design competition through Facebook for upcoming and established designers and illustrators who want to go the extra mile to showcase their work with the chance to win a one-of-a-kind printed item, Intous Pen and Touch and 11” MacBook Air. The printing specialists who supplied Red Bull with 1000+ […]

BowArts Kickstarter Campaign

Back in February our friends at BowArts launched a KickStarter campaign. With only hours left for BowArts to reach their target we decided to write a blog on what we love about BowArts and what the hope to achieve with this latest project. BowArts campaign aims to raise £50,000 to build 30 new artists’ studios in […]

Interview with an Apprentice

It’s Apprenticeship Week again and if you follow our blog you’ll remember last year we interviewed our apprentice Audrey, who told us why she chose an apprenticeship and how she was getting on. This year we’re doing it all again but with our new apprentice for 2015 – Robert! We hope this blog will encourage […]

8 Must-Have iPad Apps for Work

iPads and other tablets are brilliant devices for forcing us allowing us to be more productive on-the-go. They are much more than entertainment hubs and if you really wanted to, you could probably do most of your job with one if you have the necessary apps installed. Here’s a look at some of the best […]

Windows 10: First Impressions

Lucidica CTO Thomas Jeffs has been playing with the Windows 10 technical preview, and gives us his first impressions. For more information on Windows 10, head over to this week’s main article: What Is Windows 10? Finally I’m productive again… I like Windows 8, maybe one of the few, but I do like it. I especially like ESPN Cricket […]

Data Storage Options for Businesses

Perhaps you’ve just set up your own business and you’ve realised you don’t really know much about how to store and manage all your business data – emails, customer info, accounts etc. Below we’ve summarised some of the best options available to help you make more sense of it all. Server A server is a […]

The Lucidica Journey

Lucidica was founded in 2005 by Thomas Jeffs. Since then we’ve gone from a one-man-band to a team of 17. Including engineers, admin, business and development staff, digital marketers and an engineering apprentice. We’ve gone from looking after a handful of clients to 600 and some of them have been with us from the beginning. […]

We’re Highly Commended!

That’s right, Lucidica was highly commended in the UK National Blog Awards 2014 in the Digital and Technology category. We were one of ten small businesses shortlisted for this incredible award and we’re honoured to have been nominated. There were 14 categories at the National Blog Awards ranging from education to lifestyle and both organisations […]