Mango Logistics Group

Mango Logistics Group is a London based logistics company handling courier and storage needs for customers from consumers through to FTSE100 enterprises. Mango Logistics is made up of three companies: Mango Storage, Mango Couriers and Mango International.

Mango offers same-day courier services across the UK and a one-hour service across Central London. Packages are delivered appropriately depending on size. So they’ll either be sent by cyclist, motorbike, car or van. Mango also offers fast international services but for ultimate security and peace of mind, they offer an on-board courier service. Their courier will travel with your Package and personally deliver it to the recipient anywhere around the world. Mango’s storage services not only include business, personal and student storage options but also archiving, scanning and cataloguing as well.

Mango make green choices wherever possible from sending out electronic invoices to using courier vehicles with low emissions. Any goods that have been stored by clients and are no longer wanted, are donated to Charity.

Mango provides the latest online tools to make booking and tracking as easy as possible. They also have a team of specialists who are always on hand to take calls and give advice.