A while back, the Lucidica team sat down and agreed our key values, the driving forces behind everything we do.


Keep Learning

We help our clients get the most out of their technology by constantly learning ourselves


Build the Team

We think of ourselves as your IT department, an integral part of your business, and so we make sure we understand how you work. We also build great relationships between our own staff.


Love Change

We’re like a chameleon, ready to change as technology and business changes. We see change as a positive, and have built our business to adapt to it.


Earn Trust

We’re honest, and do what we say we will. We take responsibility for our work and constantly check its quality.


Have Fun

We like fun; it makes us happy! We build a fun environment to work in, and make sure we make each other laugh and enjoy what we do.


Go On Growing

We help our clients build the foundations of their business, and we also work hard to grow Lucidica, gaining more expertise so we can offer great service.

Interested in how we developed these? We like to share our strategic stories.